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Charity Events

Comedy Playground has proudly produced several charity events featuring Comedy Playground performers, as well as guest adult comedians!

Charities have included:

Cancer Awareness Club – For 2 years consecutively, we helped raiser over $10,000 supporting families in need of medical attention for patients with cancer. This incredible event was held out of the Improv in Hollywood in “Laughter is the Best Medicine”.

Cancer Awareness Club a non-profit organization was started, as a club at the Buckley School by a former student of Comedy Playground , Matthew Benzimra to increase awareness and provide financial support for families with children affected by cancer whose insurance would not cover certain treatments. Their mission was to specifically provide financial assistance to cover medical expenses that insurance either does not cover or only partially covers.

Unlike other fundraisers, this event’s audience included children who are affected by cancer and their families. We were honored to help bring a smile on their faces; and laughter in their hearts; the best medicine of all and making a difference.

Children Affected by Aids FoundationChildren Affected by Aids Foundation – “Caafternoon of Comedy”, was an afternoon of comedy filled with Comedy Playground performers as well as adult comedians featured in an afternoon to help raise awareness and support for the Children Affected by Aids Foundation. For 2 years we were honored to be a part, in Caafternoon of Comedy held at The Improv in Hollywood.

Laughlinks – For six years, Laughlinks was the non-profit subsidiary to Comedy Playground. Within that period, workshops were provided to youth in the following centers:
A Place Called Home, The Teak Fellowship, Hollywood Boys & Girls Club, Hollywood YMCA, Legacy LA, and Hollygrove. It was an incredible experience working with the incredible youth within these communities.

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